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"Race is constant. You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it."

Jon Stewart addressing Fox News’s (white) correspondents whining about hearing about race issues in the United States (via recklessinsanity)

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nikki minaj is a gross fuck who is overly sexual and uses too many swear words I'd rather listen to something decent like mozart.





Mozart - “Leck mich im Arsch” - Canon in B flat for 6 Voices, K. 231 / K. 382c


mozart writes about getting that ass licked

nicki sings about getting that ass licked

both true musical masters, honestly

The way art is suppose to be



Detangling is a necessary evil that naturals endure at every hair length possible.  No exceptions to the rule on this one.  Everyone has to detangle whether the texture or the thickness or the length of time it takes.  It’s one of the biggest challenges that newly naturals face in the beginning that can deter some from staying natural especially if transitioning as the relaxed ends may not need…

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So these other bitches that only did rap and now they’re washed, and they’re living in, you know, low-income housing — is that winning? Just so that a nigga in the street can give me a fucking dap? The same nigga that didn’t buy my album any fucking way, that downloaded the shit? Get the fuck out of here. 

I still stand behind EVERYTHING that was said in this. I wish this was more known. 

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