"A racist society will give you a racist science."

R. M. Young (1987). Racist society, racist science. In D. Gill & L. Levidow (Eds.) Anti-racist science teaching(pp. 16-42). London: Free Association Books. (via homoarigato)

remember when i posted about how science can be oppressive and i got hate mail and hundreds of notes of people calling me stupid

yeah that was fun 

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Remember that time when they made up a disease for black ppl when we didnt wanna be stuck as slaves?

Remember when they operated on black women with no anesthesia to get modern gynecological surgical procedures?

Remember when they sterilized poor woc without consent to keep us from ‘creating more undesirables’?

Remember when the government allowed Black men to go untreated with Syphilis even after a cure was discovered?

Remember when minority heavy areas in cities were sprayed with radioactive material to ‘test’ how America could handle a nuclear fallout?

Oh, you dont? Because I do…

Go look it up. Every single one was done by a white supremacist nation called America.


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Don’t forget that in 1975 about 35% of Puerto Rican Women were sterilized without their consent by the US government 

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Texas rappers are the most creative when it comes to making up songs about booty.


Throw that Ass in a Circle

Booty Me Down

Trampoline Booty

Kangaroo Booty

Booty Hopscotch

Maneuver (Rai P and Beatking)

Booty Bang

Abrakadabra (Quinn)

Roll Roll Roll ( Lil Ronny Motha F)

Trampoline booty gets me every time! Jumpity, jump!


Booty me down

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And who can love you like me image

Who can sex you like me image

Who can treat you like me now, babyimage




And who can do it like me image

And who can give you what you need image

Who can do you all night long image

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